Magento Order Status Extension

Let your customers know about changes on order status. Keep them informed about order processing progress.

Order status update is important for your customers. Providing relevant information on the order status updates helps you to build customer trust. Let customers feel they important to you. They should see that your store cares about them and easy to do business with.

Create & manage unlimited order statuses from backend, let your customers see updates on their orders in real time.


Changing Order Status

Features and Benefits

The main purpose of the plugin — adding the ability to change the status of the order. This function is
relevant when adding your own status to the system, as well when order is processed by standard
methods. For example, you can manually change order status to «Complete» status in advance or
return this status to one of the initial status and process the order again. In any case, the module
«Change order status» allows you to protect yourself from unforeseen situations during order

Features and Benefits

  • A possibility to change order status (including «Complete» and «Closed» statuses).

  • Administrator can set permissions to users to have the opportunity to change the status of orders.

Changing the status of specific order by yourself

  • Log in into Magento area. Go to Sales -> Orders. Select specific order.

  • Select status in drop-down list and type «Change Status».

Empowering users to change status of orders

  • Log into Admin area. Go to System -> Permissions -> Roles.

  • Select the role for which you would like to give permission to change status.

  • Check Sales -> Orders -> Actions -> Change in Status.