Magento Integration Services

We will help you automate daily tasks by integrating CRM, ERP or SAAS systems in your Magento store. Each system and task is unique and requires the right approach, our experts will help you find and develop the fastest and most effective solution for your business. You will save a lot of time and money by automating processes that previously had to be performed manually.

  • Magento CMS Integration

  • Magento CRM Integration

  • Magento ERP Integration

  • Magento POS Integration

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Magento Integration

We’re more than happy to integrate your SaaS with a Magento store and your store with CRM, ERP or another CMS.

Magento CMS Integration

Magento CMS was developed to create and manage online stores. But what if you need to create a blog, directory, or forum on your site? For this, there are specialized CMS systems, specifically adapted for certain tasks. We will help you integrate forums, blogs, and any other CMS to work correctly on your store.

Magento ERP Integration

If you need to combine all the business processes of your store into one system, then you cannot do without Magento ERP Integration Service. You can quickly receive reports on the work of your store, analyze sales, plan and monitor the activities of your employees, and your store.

Payment Gateway Integration

We will help you integrate your Magento store with any payment system. In addition to the most popular systems (PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, 2checkout, Yandex Money, etc.), we have a vast experience in connecting local payment gateways in Europe, Scandinavia, and America.

Magento CRM Integration

Magento CRM Integration is necessary when you want to automate daily routine tasks, as well as increase sales of your store. Integration with a CRM system will allow you to accelerate the processing of orders, establish closer communication with customers and receive new sales without wasting your time and the time of your employees.

Marketing Tools Integration

If you have a large customer base, then you need to integrate marketing tools into your Magento store. This will allow you to quickly and accurately send out newsletters, attract new visitors and increase sales. This way you will save a lot of money and time by automating the marketing processes.

Order Management Integration

To work more efficiently with orders for Magento CMS, you often have to use products by third-party developers. To automate the processing of orders and returns, we will help you integrate Magento with any Order Management System.


Magento Integration Process

STEP 1. You determine what business processes you would like to automate, we give you recommendations on using a particular platform for integration with Magento. Or, if you are already using a platform, then we study it, analyze the possibilities, and look for ways to solve the tasks you set.

STEP 2. Our experts, having studied all the features of the system, provide recommendations on the most effective methods for solving the tasks set by you. We give you an approximate time frame and cost of the development, after receiving your consent, we transfer the technical task to the development department.

STEP 3. We test the project, give you access to check the product, and as soon as we get your approval, install it on your server.


Custom Website Integrations

Email Marketing Technology. We will help you automate the marketing processes inside your store. You can more effectively work with customers and increase traffic and sales with the click of a mouse button.

Content Marketing Systems. By integrating the Content Marketing System into your store, you can more actively and efficiently conduct sales and promotions without spending your time on them. You will not only increase the average order amount but will also be able to attract new customers to your store.

Payment Gateways . If you need to connect a local, original payment system, we will help you integrate them into your Magento store. We work with all kinds of systems, even those that do not provide APIs for developers.

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