Magento Customization Services

Each business has its own specifics and there is no CMS in the world that could provide effective solutions for each store. For example, the specialty of clothing sales differs from the wholesale sales of furniture, for this we provide Magento Customization Services. We will help refine and customize your store in such a way as to make most of the business processes automatic and maximize the conversion rate.

We customize your Magento store to fit your business needs!

Need theme installation, modification or customization?

We can help you tailor and optimize Magento store extensions

Magento CMS Customization Services

Need to make some changes to Magento extension or want to modify your current template? We are here to help! We have been customizing and developing Magento and Magento 2 extensions, themes, and Magento - based SAAS services.

Extension Customization

If you purchased extensions from a third-party developer, but they do not fully meet your requirements, then we are pleased to offer you Magento Customization Services. At your request, we will add the necessary functions, configure and install extensions on your Magento store.

Magento Shopping Cart

If you want to add additional functionality to the shopping cart of your store, then you can use our Magento Shopping Cart Customization Service. We will help you add coupons, countdowns, calculator and other modules to increase sales and improve user experience.

Magento CMS Customization

Magento is not the ideal CMS that has no flaws. Very often we have to deal with bugs in the code or security vulnerabilities. We will modify and configure your store, fix all bugs and vulnerabilities. We will make your store fast and safe, which will certainly have a positive effect on sales.

Magento Checkout Customization

Magento Checkout Page directly affects the number of orders in your store. We will help you customize and configure the page so as to increase the conversion rate, user experience and boost the sales of your store, make the checkout process quick and understandable for all visitors and customers.

Magento Theme Customization

In the process of running your store, you will often add additional modules that may not work correctly with your store. We will help eliminate all malfunctions and make changes to the theme of your store. Even if you just need to change the color of the banner, it is best to leave this to professionals.

Magento Customer Dashboard

You can work not just with the new visitors, but also with those who are already registered on your site. Let them know about sales and coupons directly from Customer Dashboard. We will add and configure functionality that will allow you to significantly improve your interaction with clients and automate marketing processes, and therefore increase sales.

Magento Core Customization

Magento CMS Customization. If Magento CMS does not meet the requirements of your business, then we will make changes to Magento Core CMS and adapt the work of your store to your specific needs. We will also help you integrate your CMS with other products to automate business processes.

Magento Theme Customization
We will help you choose and configure Magento Theme, or make changes to an existing theme, configure the operation of modules and extensions, which may not work correctly with your template.

We can help you totally customize Magento & Magento 2 Theme as per your requirements. By being Magento developer, Magex Pro has expertise in Magento theme customization and optimization. Our Magento theme customization services have been successfully delivered to many businesses from all over the world.

Magento Customization Process

Customization Request

If any of the extensions you previously bought does not perform the functions that you would like to see, then we will help you configure and add functions specifically for your site. You just describe what you would like to see in your store, in as much detail as possible.

Extension Installation & Setup

We make all the necessary changes, modify the product, carry out several stages of testing and install it in your store. You get a finished product and a guarantee of its safety and correct operation in your store.

Project Management

Our specialists (project managers & head of a development department) give their recommendations on optimizing the extension customization process, after which you make your corrections and the project is transferred to the development team.

Magento Checkout Customization

Checkout Page Customization Services. As per a study, 70% of shopping carts are abandoned. With the 30% left, half of them are abandoned at the checkout stage. The checkout page on your Magento store is where you get paid, so it’s really important to get it just right. Did you know that the default Magento checkout process includes 3 steps? This is why one of the most popular services we offer is Magento checkout page optimization. We help our customers increase conversion rates and boost sales.

Magento Checkout Page Optimization
The truth is, default Magento checkout page is not intuitively designed to close a sale or improve conversions. It is designed to process payments after a customer is set to buy. As the checkout is where you capture revenue, you should optimize the checkout experience and reduce the checkout abandonment rate. We have a huge experience in checkout page optimization and we can help you build a checkout page that sells.