Terms Of Service


  1. All our extensions for Magento CMS have a detailed description and a list of compatible versions of Magento CMS. MageX does not guarantee correct work with Magento’s versions that are not in the list.
  2. Claims for our extensions for Magento accepted only if there are errors in the expansion itself. MageX does not guarantee compatibility of our extensions with third-party extensions. To solve the compatibility problems, take paid support.
  3. MageX provides paid services to install, configure, and integrate the extensions into your website. In this case, we guarantee correct operation of all functions.


  1. MageX guarantee the quality and performance of services within the terms agreed with the customer. Otherwise, the funds can be returned to the customer in part or in full.
  2. MageX can perform free support and information after the date of service for a week.
  3. Before starting the work charged a deposit of 50-100% depending on the particular order.

Refund policy

  1. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our product or service, you can contact us to request a refund.
  2. Consideration of complaints and requests for refund shall be considered within a few days, after which you will receive an email with a decision on the matter.
    The Client agrees to first try to resolve the problem with the administration of MageX, before making a complaint through payment systems or the court.

Privacy policy

All the data provided by our customers, are not transferred to third parties. This data is used exclusively for the purpose of quality of our service.